Three members of a gang arrested in Hyderabad for fraud

Hyderabad: Cyber-scammers invent new ways to exploit technology and deceive people. In the latest scam that Hyderabad police have cracked down on internet crime, three people targeting people with an official email account were arrested while their gang leader, allegedly a Nigerian citizen, was staying away.

Police seized seven cellphones, bank debit cards and also a land-based pistol, along with six bullets from one of the gang members. Police said the detainees, Sagar Mahato, Kumar Gaurav Singh and Sanjay Agarwal, all from West Bengal, misled two people in separate incidents in the city of Rs 50 lakh and 36 Rakh.

According to KVM Prasad, ACP (cybercrime), the gang is led by Nigerian citizen Shedrick Paul and targeted individuals using email accounts provided to them by their workplaces.

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‘The gang collected such official email IDs and sent an email with a link to malware. “When the unsuspecting person clicks on the link, the electronic device he used, which in these cases were cellphones, was compromised and all the details of the victim, including the cellphone number, reached the fraudster,” he said. and added that the gang then uses the official email to send a request letter to the telecommunications service provider to give a duplicate of the SIM card with reference to the loss or damage to the old SIM card.

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‘After the gang submitted forged KYC documents, the gang took a new SIM card that received all communications, including OTPs, from the victim’s bank account. “After that, they withdrew money via internet banking services after adding their own accounts as beneficiaries,” the ACP said. The three arrested people told police that they had transferred the Nigerian part of the loot to him in the form of bitcoins. The weapon was seized from Sanjay Agarwal, and police suspected he had picked up the gun at some gun mafia.

Police also found Sagar Mahato involved in a fraud case registered by the Mumbai Cybercrime Police for defrauding a 2 million person.

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