Social media campaign becomes more important in GHMC polls

Hyderabad: Before the election in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), political parties left no stone unturned to contact voters during the ten-day campaign period. But with the Covid-19 pandemic that in many places places restrictions on movement, social media is taking on more importance than ever before.

With the submission of nominations on Friday, candidates are using various social media platforms to establish contact with the voters. All the major political parties have pulled in social media teams to promote themselves, while there are political consultants to keep an eye on their digital campaigns. Advertising and publicity via social media also make a top position in the spending charts.

Political leaders also create groups on WhatsApp and Facebook and campaign using their followers to promote their profiles and activities.

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Telangana Rashtra Samithi candidate Parupalli Anitha Dayakar Reddy, who is fighting in the Saroornagar section, has been more active on social networking sites since the start of the campaign. She says it plays an important role in the outcome of elections.

‘Although we also worked on social media for the last election, it increased this year as we had to shorten direct interaction with voters due to physical distance standards. We appeal to various social media sites including WhatsApp and YouTube. A dedicated team has been appointed to work on this, ‘she says.

Krishank, the social media convener of TRS, says that receiving direct feedback from people is one of the benefits of the campaign via social media.

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‘Social media helps counteract fake news, which is crucial during elections in particular. While positive content should be pushed, false narratives should be exposed at the same time. Our platforms are changing step by step. We have a group of volunteers working relentlessly. Apart from Twitter, this is the era of WhatsApp. We took a list of entrepreneurs and MLAs, we made sure they had their WhatsApp groups and we researched the content in person, ‘he added.

Young people are largely involved in the social media campaigns to promote the profiles and activities of the candidates.

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Source: Telangana Today

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