Several houses collapse in Asifabad

Kumram Bheem Asifabad / Mancherial: The incessant rains over the past three days in the district have caused houses in some parts of the district to collapse.

A house of Samera Chinna Rajanna collapsed after the persistent rainfall at Agarguda village in Penchikalpet mandal, while a hut in the village of Chintalamanepalli in the Lambadihetti also collapsed. A house in the village of Avudam in the Nennal mandal and another in the Potha Kommugudem of Luxettipet mandates were also collapsed.

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Bharati Hollikeri, collector consultant, visited the bubbling Pranahit River in Kotapalli mandal and ordered the relevant authorities to be careful. She told them to monitor the flood situation and take measures to relocate people living in low-lying areas to safer places and to keep adequate rations ready. She advised the public not to move in tanks, streams and rivers that receive abundant inflow.

Streams from the district were flooded by rainwater, which led to large inflows to irrigation projects such as Nelwai, Ralli vagu and Gollavagu. Excess water was released from the Kaddem Narayana Reddy project in Nirmal district, which caused the Sripada Yellampalli project near the Gudipet village of Hajipur mandal.

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Source: Telangana Today

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