Online mushiers keep Hyderabad’s literary scene alive

Hyderabad: When was the last time you heard a round of applause and shouting from wah-wahs? Maybe six months back. The corona pandemic washed down curtains for every activity, including sparrows. The poetic soirees are now back after a long hiatus, albeit in a different form. You can now pursue your passion and quench your literary thirst online. Yes, break the laughter and call a home store out of the comfort of your own home.

While biryani may be their culinary delight, it is the anthill where Hyderabad’s eagerly look. For many, it is the adabi mehfils that make the evenings come alive. In normal times, not a day goes by without a mushaira, a kavi gathering or a book release function in Hyderabad. But today, Urdu Hall and Urdu Maskan, the pivot of literary activity, bear a desolate appearance. Fortunately, the scene has now shifted from events in person to online programs. In the last few months, the city has seen half a dozen mushrooms, literary gatherings and book release programs on Zoom and Google Meet platforms.

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‘The best thing is that participants are not just up to Hyderabad alone. People from different parts of the country and even abroad take part in the online events. There is nothing like a virtual session to reach out to a large audience, ‘says Javeed Kamal, an Urdu scholar and author. The whole affair began after the death of the famous satirist, Mujtaba Hussain, in May. In light of the downturn, a proper tribute could not be paid to this Padma Shri award-winning person.

However, his diehard fans such as Prof Baig Ehsas, Dr Humaira Sayeed and Dr Gul Rana have decided to host an online program entitled ‘Mujtaba Hussain Ki Yaad Mein’ for a whole month from 22 June to 22 July. Academics, writers and scientists from across India and even from the US, Canada, the UK and Dubai took part in the program and expressed their opinion on the great humorist.

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Encouraged by the worldwide response, an online ‘Mazahiya Mushaira’ was arranged last month which attracted poets such as Ahmed Alvi, Dr Nashtar Amrohi, Waheed Pasha, Pankaj Prasun from all over India. The virtual poetic concerts are a big hit for people of all ages, especially young people. “This is just the beginning, and more such programs are starting,” said Dr Humaira, who successfully hosted a mushaira from the Government Degree College for Women, Sangareddy, where she works.

Now the award-winning Sahitya Academy, Prof Baig Ehsas, is hosting a weekly online program Bazgasht. In this program, works by well-known writers and poets are read, followed by a detailed analysis and discussion. The pandemic may have disrupted the literary scene, but Urdu lovers went digital to stay connected.

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Source: Telangana Today

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