More than 2000 tanks overflowing into Siddipet

Siddipet: Following the incessant rain over the past few days over the Siddipet district, all 512 large and small dams built over streams have been flooded. Only two weeks ago, only 101 of the 512 check dams were full. Irrigation tanks and other water bodies also received large inflows due to the rainfall in the district.

Of the 3,484 irrigation tanks in the district, 2,040 flooded from Saturday night. Only 295 irrigation tanks in the district had less than 25 percent of the water. As the district received persistent rain, officials expected the rest of the tanks to be filled in a few days as well.

District Irrigation Officer V Srinivas spoke to Telangana today, saying the district recorded more than 60 percent surplus rain during the monsoon rains. As all the streams overflow, the dams and irrigation tanks get more than enough water. The district recorded 70 mm of rainfall over the past 24 hours on Saturday. The district received 743 mm of rainfall this year against the normal rainfall of 410 mm. It received only 462 mm of rainfall during the corresponding period last year.

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The Major streams Pedda Vagu (referred to as Moya Tummeda Vagu in Koheda), Siddipet Vagu, Kudavelli Vagu, Nakka Vagu, Yellamma Vagu, Chinna Vagu, Koneti Vagu and Haldi Vagu were in the wave. There were 38 checkpoints on Kudavelli Vagu, 28 on Sidipet Vagu, 25 on Pedda Vagu, 10 on Haldi Vagu, 7 on Nakka Vagu, 5 on Chinna Vagu, 4 on Yellamma Vagu and 3 on Koneti Vagu and the rest are on small building streams in towns of Siddipet district with the aim of storing the rainwater that eventually fills the groundwater table. The irrigation authorities have noted that the abundance of water bodies in the Siddipet district will have a major impact on agricultural production this year, in addition to filling the groundwater table to a large extent.

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Source: Telangana Today

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