Hyderabad University students go on hunger strike indefinitely

Hyderabad: The Student Union 2019-20 of the University of Hyderabad condemned the ‘autocratic’ decision of the university to adopt ‘Brahmin’ centralized minimum mark requirements in the entrance examination, for MPhil and PhD interviews and decided to end an indefinite hunger strike enter against It.

President of the Student Union

In a statement, Abhishek Nandan, President, Student Union 2019-20, said that this will result in the university becoming an inaccessible space for students who do not belong to the privileged departments.

“Student Union 2019-20 strongly condemns this attitude and absolutely rejects the acceptance of the discriminatory qualification criteria. We demand that candidates be summoned in 1: 6 ratios and that no seat will remain vacant, ”he said.

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The University of Hyderabad on 16 October declared the entrance examination result of the year 2020-2021.

According to Nandan, 71 seats were left vacant, of which 64 belong to the reserved categories.


‘No candidate is shortlisted for an interview in three departments. “In most departments, the number of shortlisted candidates is only close to or slightly more than the number of vacancies available in those departments,” he said.

Nandan said that the Student Union had pointed out this issue in advance and that it gives the details of how discriminatory the minimum mark criteria are.

‘However, the Vice-Chancellor has a deaf ear to this and refuses to meet the representatives of the Union. The Student Union was therefore forced to request a demonstration and strike from 17 October morning on the admin block and demand the withdrawal of these Brahminical minimum mark criteria and the implementation of 1: 6 criteria, where the number of candidates is shortlisted, revoked. six times of the total vacant seats, ”he said.

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He added that the protest will not be recalled as long as these criteria are upheld.

‘The Union has decided to go on strike indefinitely. The access results of the University of Hyderabad are not available and what we can see is the clear violation of the UGC norms and the undermining of the discussion policy in the shortlist procedure, ”he added.

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