Hyderabad: Heavy rain overnight floods several colonies

Hyderabad: Several colonies in the older parts of the city were flooded after heavy rain on Sunday night. The areas most affected are Omer Colony, Hafeezbabanagar C Block, Gulshan Iqbal Colony and Lalithabagh due to heavy rainwater runoff from the Gurram Cheruvu tank in Balapur. The irrigation authorities dug up a canal for the discharge of water from the Gurram Cheruvu two days ago after heavy outflow from the tank.

In a few bags, the water levels rose high and several vehicles were washed away along with stream water. Fortunately, so far there have been no complaints about people missing or that building collapses have been reported.

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The GHMC authorities and the NDRF team took action to rescue people trapped in the buildings in boats. Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar and other senior GHMC officials were on the scene.

Meanwhile, the Al Jubail colony flooded again on Sunday night. As a local measure, residents of the Al Jubail colony and surrounding area left for safer places that evening following a rainfall warning. The GHMC DRF teams and the local youth have taken action again and are trying to clean the water canals for smooth drainage of water into the nala.

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Traffic was affected at the Moosarambagh bridge after water stagnation after heavy rains. On the other hand, with the release of water from Himayatsagar by the HMWS & SB, the areas along the Musi River were flooded.

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