Four people escaped from the fire, and one died due to electricity

Hyderabad: Four people had a narrow escape when their vehicle accidentally caught fire near Malakpet Railway Bridge in Hyderabad on Saturday.

G. Nagaraju, AI, told ANI: ‘This is an accidental fire. The car was burnt out when the car started out of the car. There were four passengers in the car when this incident occurred and none of them were injured when they got out as soon as it started. ”

The car belongs to K. Vinod Kumar and a case has been registered in the Chadarghat police station.

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In another incident, a 55-year-old man was shot dead in Chaderghat area in Hyderabad on Saturday after coming into contact with an electric pole.

According to P Devender, assistant police commissioner, the man was drunk and was shocked after trying to lean on the pole.

‘The deceased, D Tammayya, was electrified after coming into contact with an electric pole. He was drunk and was trying to support the pole when this incident occurred. He was spotted dead and a message was sent to the concerned family members about the incident. A case that has yet to be registered. ‘ says the ACP.

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