Finding plasma donors in AP, Telangana, is no longer a task

Hyderabad: Since the outbreak of Covid pandemic, plasma therapy has gained a lot of patronage among the general public, which has fueled a huge demand for research therapy.

At the same time, the therapy has also yielded unscrupulous elements who are always on the lookout to make money fast. The high demand for plasma has also made it difficult for people to contact donors who have recently recovered Covid and is healthy enough to donate blood.

Free database for blood donors to address these issues on Sunday ‘n’Covid-19 Plasma Donor section on its website. Founder of, Shaik Shareef said that only a small number Covid-19 positive people can be treated with plasma therapy, and even for those who were looking for the plasma blood donor of that particular blood type, it was a difficult process.

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‘To make things easy for the patients and family members of Covid-19 positive persons and the medical fraternity in finding a plasma donor, we have been conducting this section for the past one week on a trial basis. Without announcing this provision, many of those who defeated Covid-19″In Andhra, Pradesh and Telangana have already registered themselves as volunteer plasma donors on the mobile application and website,” he said.

All positive patients who have recovered from the virus and are willing to help can voluntarily register as ‘Plasma Donors’. Currently, there are five lakh of normal blood donors registered voluntarily from six countries on this site, and the majority of them come from different countries in India.

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‘There is a clear need to motivate people who are recovering Covid to donate for the new cause. They can visit our mobile application or visit the website for registration and help people extract from the information, ”said Shareef.

The database is available in the form of a website and Android and iOS applications.

Source: Telangana Today

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