David Warner questions referee in wide-ball failure

Hyderabad: The match between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Chennai Super Kings got the wrong hits after the latter scored a comfortable 20-run victory.

The incident took place 19de over, when Shardul Thakur bowled a wide ball. But the referee, who was about to state it broadly, changed his decision to MS Dhoni’s reply. Speaking about the fiasco for the first time, David Warner said: ‘That day with MS (Dhoni), I know he would have been frustrated if it had been called a breadth. But the simple fact is that it was a width and the referee would call a width. And he changed his mind by looking at the body language of the opposition captain. I say this not because it was MS Dhoni, but because the captain was right behind him in the eyes of the referee. ”

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‘He’s back there as a wicketkeeper so he can see it. He showed his frustration. We all do it sometimes, as captains, we all show our frustrations, but at the end of the day they can make calls, how they make it. We just have to respect that. So there is no point in arguing, ”Warner said.

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