Asifabad: Son of Koya tribesmen sitting in Punjab University

Kumram Bheem-Asifabad: Koyas, a sect of planned tribes, lag behind in literacy, especially when it comes to professional courses such as engineering and medicine. Students of this community are forced to discontinue their studies after completing the Intermediate course because their parents are unable to afford higher education and expenses, including travel expenses. Consequently, they cannot participate in competitive examinations for work in government departments, even though they have reservations for STs.

However, Arka Ashok, from the Koya tribal community, is determined to pursue engineering at the Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology, Punjab. He got a place when he did well in JEE Mains 2020. Asok becomes a role model for other students in the tribe, and is the first youngster from Penchikalpet to gain the admission to engineering at the leading institution.

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Ashok was a native of a remote village of Gundepalli in Penchikalpet, and lost his father to an ailment while studying Class IV. His mother Gourubai is a daily earner. Despite financial challenges and the setbacks, the youngster performed well in academics and registered a 6,416th rank in the pan-Indian admission test for admission to IITs and NITs.

‘I still can not believe myself that I get an opportunity to take an engineering course at such a top institution in the country. I am excited to put my foot down on campus. “In the past, a young man from the Koya tribe of Bejjur was also qualified to study the course, but could not take the opportunity due to financial problems,” he told Telangana Today.

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Koya tribe
Arka Ashok, a Koya youth from Gundepalli village in Penchikalpet, is a mandate ahead of his residence in Asifabad.

MLA comes forward to help

Sirpur (T) MLA Koneru Konappa recently came to Ashok’s aid, given the poor financial background and family circumstances. He promised to extend financial support of 1.28 lakh, which will help the younger one to pay fees and other expenses for a period of four years. He beats the rankings for achieving the seat and calls on the students of this community to draw inspiration from him.

Ashok thanked MLA Konappa for sponsoring his training. ‘I always owe it to the legislature to bear the fees of my training. I will become an Indian administration service officer and serve the country, ‘said the smiling tribal child.

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Source: Telangana Today

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